Why Japan is Your Next Destination

Japan is known for its unique culture and traditions. The perfect mix of old and modern customs will certainly comfort you when you visit. Its a beautiful country composed of nature, blue ponds, waterfalls, bamboo forests, and well-maintained palaces and shrines.

Japan is also one of the safest cities in the world. They have a strong focus on crime prevention. And the cleanliness is superb, as you cannot see any discarded candy wrappers or cigarettes anywhere. Walking in the city is nice and the streets smell nice.

Here are the best reasons to try out Japan:

Modern Lifestyle and transportation

Japan has its own unique modern comforts to offer to its locals and tourists. Starting with transportation, the bullet train and other train systems. They are efficient and so easy to travel between prefectures (regions). You can commute anywhere in the city or country by train alone.

Japan Bullet Train
Tokyo Station, Chiyoda-ku, Japan

Everything in Japan is clean: every establishment, park, hotel, bus, restaurant, and especially restrooms. They always smell breezy flowers in every place you can sit.

Sakura Bloom

Spring is the busiest season. Sakura (cherry blossoms) is very popular and most people are excited to picnic under the snowy white trees. Japanese also enjoy and celebrate the quick passing of the Sakura blossoms with family, friends, and co-workers.

Meguro river in Naka-Meguro – Sakura Cherry Blossom Season

And when Autumn, the leaves of Japan Forest turns into gold and red ambiances.

Lake Kawaguchiko – Autumn Season and Mountain Fuji


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Japanese Food

Japanese cuisine isn’t all authentic sushi and ramen. They have a wide range of dishes that you are certainly familiar with due to the near popularity of Japanese restaurants in every country. And that is not the case. In Kyoto, there’s a specialty restaurant that offers a vegetarian dish called Shojin Ryori.

Jindai-ji, Chofu-shi, Japan.

Japanese dishes are really great and popular, such as Okonomiyaki, Soba Noodles, Yakiniki Barbeque, Sukiyaki, Tempura, and more. You can discover foods that you never expected to be really good until you try them.

Okonomiyaki Japanese food

If you love matcha, Japan has a lot of foods that have the flavor that you love. You can matcha in ice creams, chocolates, and even burgers. They are both healthy and delicious.

Matcha Scoop from Baskin Robbins in Osaka, Japan

Pod Hotels

Capsule hotels are now very popular in Japan. It is a tiny room with a lot of features. And some of the luxury capsule hotels offer themes, ambient controls, and tech amenities. Some of these hotels offer a nine-hour stay just to sleep and bathe luxuriously.

Capsule Hotel, Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.