Things to Carry When Traveling

Whenever you go travel, first-things-first, making sure that you already packed everything that you will use in your vacation. By making a simple checklist of your things-to-carry,  your travel will be worry-free and smooth as you close your home door.
Other than clothes, towels, and underwear, here are some of the items that you need to bring.

Travel Documents

Passport and Visa for international travels
Government Issued ID, (National ID)
Cash, Credit or Debit Cards
Printed copies of your reservations, boarding passes and itineraries
Hotel and tours contact details
Transportation Tickets



Your smartphone, earphones, charger, and Powerbank (if you plan to take a photo in every place you go)
Universal adapter Plug (in case you are traveling internationally)
You can also bring a laptop if you are planning to work while traveling, but in any case, your phone is enough to do your small digital tasks.


Comfort needs

Travel Pillow with hood is very useful when sleeping at travels.
The light-weight shawl is a travel wrap that can be used as a blanket and scarf at the same time.



First Aid Kit

Paracetamol for headaches, fever, and hangovers,
Anti-inflammatory for muscle pains
Imodium for upset stomachs from foods that you are not familiar
Lozenges to stop coughing and colds
Motion sickness tablets
Anti-bacterial ointments.
Prescription Medicine – If you have a pre-existing condition, you must always have these. and even if you don’t have carrying the following will definitely help you if you are planning to go in rural areas.


Toothbrush with cap
shampoo and conditioner
Wet wipes


Depending on what place you are going to. like if you are going to the beach, you should carry this following item.

Swimwear – Two sets are enough if you are going to use it on multiple days.

Sunglasses –  protecting your eyes from the sun’s UV is a very good practice to avoid any eyes related issues.

Footwear – Light-weight sandals and slippers are enough for the beach but if you’re going for water sports, Aqua shoes are your best friend.

Goggles – keeping your eyes safe while swimming never gets old.

Large Sarong – For ladies, a great cover-up for your body when the suns are very hot and a very nice pat-down after a swim.



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Things to Carry When Traveling

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