Iceland is an all-season Tourist Destination

Iceland is popularly known for its hotspot of a magnificent light show called Aurora Borealis. There are sightseeing trips for this natural phenomenon and you just need to hire an excursion guide to find locations where you can see it at its best. They have different outdoor activities you can do during the summer and winter that you can enjoy.

Here are some highlights that you can do in Iceland when you visit.

Hiking on Glaciers and Ice Climbing

Hiking activities are available for tourists and must be accompanied by a trained guide. Glacier walking tours are also available and can be combined with other activities like boating on a glacier lagoon and jeep safaris.

Hiking on Glaciers and Ice Climbing


Exploring Iceland’s coasts, valleys, and mountains is easy with all-terrain vehicles (ATVs). They even let you go to the top of the glaciers using snowmobiles. Just keep in mind that Icelandic weather is extremely unpredictable so pay attention in weather announcements.



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Iceland’s Blue Lagoon

A smoky hot pool of water with an amazing view of Iceland got you covered. Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa heated pool is among the most popular natural attractions within neighboring European countries and must be visited by both first-time and returning tourists.

Iceland Blue Lagoon


Icelandic Dishes

Iceland is popular with seafood dishes due to its location near the water. Most dishes and delicacies are made from fresh seafood ingredients. You can try their infamous fermented shark and fish jerky. Aside from seafood, Iceland’s popular rye bread is baked underneath the ground.

Icelandic Dishes


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Speaking of when to visit Iceland at its best,?

Worrying about the Icelandic weather? Don’t be, because any season is good, but if you choose between Summer and winter, the only difference between those is the daylight and nighttime. During the summer it is mostly up to 24 hours of visibility. And during the winter, it only has a maximum of 5 hours of light.

Summer in Iceland

Summer in Iceland:

  • A bit warmer
  • A better road are good for sightseeing
  • Waterfalls are accessible
  • Hiking is easy and camping is more pleasant
  • Highlands exploration is open and you can see some wildlife.


Winter in IcelandWinter in Iceland:

  • Lower prices in accommodations and attractions
  • Skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing
  • Ice caves are accessible.
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Frozen water falls.

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Iceland Is An All Season Tourist Destination

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