Emerging Green Tourist Destinations In The World

There are rising numbers of ecotourism worldwide, and people need to understand its foundation. Many countries worked on their local economies to achieve prosperity and raise their people’s standard of living. Some travelers look for green tourist destinations that will satisfy their thirst for environmental awareness.

It would be best to engage yourself in journeys that can open your eyes to green destinations. We highlighted a few places that you can check out for your adventure this year. Since greener environments are becoming popular, travelers want to escape from crowds. Check out the spots below and narrow them down by listing the perfect ones. Enjoy discovering less-traveled roads and getting boundless inspiration from these unique journeys.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations


It would be best to check out Jordan when looking for a destination with natural tourism and a touch of modernity. You can count on discovering some of their ancient wonders. Witness some of the customs of the Bedouin tribe. Also, you will enjoy a dip in their famous Dead Sea and a trek to Dana Nature Reserve. Some people who went here mentioned the eco-lodges around the place. They want to sustain their local heritage and impress their tourists with great experiences.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations in Jordan
Petra Treasury, Petra, Jordan


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You will love Borneo for its eco-tourism. Most travelers who are interested in something different choose Borneo on their list. It would be best to consider this your destination and enjoy its dense jungles, exotic wildlife, and mysterious caves. Also, you will not regret visiting some of their sandy beaches. Witness the beauty of Mt. Kinabalu and the Kinabatangan River. They will also offer you eco-lodges where you can stay after a long day of exploring their country.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations in Borneo
Tun Sakaron Marine Park, Semporna, Borneo


Some travelers never forget about the Philippines. The country has many green tourist destinations that can be visit. You will enjoy the experience of spying on the rare Philippine eagle and swimming with shark whales. Aside from the two, you can also witness the mountain-to-sea ecosystem around the country. Did you know that they have 7,000 unexplored islands? It only means that something is interesting about the place. Once you get tired from all the explorations, you can take some rest at their eco-lodges too. Never forget to try their locally-sourced foods and delicacies.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations in the Philippines
Maligcong, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines


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You can count on the 87 distinct types of ecosystems in Belize. The lifeblood of their country’s economy lies in its eco-tourism. Witness a destination full of rainforests and meet some of their identified species of mammals. Also, they will offer you a great time with snorkeling and scuba diving. You can see some corals, turtles, manatees, stingrays, and even sharks. Learn many things about the fragility of their ecosystem, aside from their experiences in nature and adventure.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations in Belize
Secret Beach Belize, San Pedro, Belize


The country of Botswana did not only focus on green tourist destinations but also on low-volume yet high-quality travel. They became environmentally conscious, promoting safari trips in the Kalahari Desert and Okavango Delta. You can witness different areas in the Okavango Delta, like forests and reserves. It would be best to try some adventures, like horseback safaris and boating. Enjoy the wildlife journey and play with some elephants, hyenas, hippopotamus, and wild dogs.

Check out these Green Tourist Destinations in Botswana
Chobe National Park, Botswana


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Emerging Green Tourist Destinations In The World

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