Planning a road trip?

Summer, get away? Like having a long weekend outing across the country with friends or family? A road trip is always fun and exciting, especially if you complete it without hassle. To minimize the problems that may occur, creating a checklist for the things that you need to carry throughout your trip is very important.

Before packing up your essentials for your road trip, your vehicle (car) is the most essential thing that must be completely checked before hitting the long road. Safety first must be applied all the time. If you aren’t able to do it by yourself, bring your vehicle to a mechanic shop for professional assessment and repairs if needed. And by doing that, you can maximize the time you need to plan your trips without worrying whether your car can be fully functional during your whole road trip.

Before you start a road trip here’s a short check list for your vehicle:

  • Engine oil of your car
  • Fluids of your car
  • The air pressure of your car
  • Tire wear by using tread gauge
  • Car’s air filter
  • Car lights and signals
  • Battery
  • Emergency equipment and if they can work
  • Car wash
  • Test rideChecking Road Safety Worthiness

After your vehicle is fully checked, preparing your next travel checklist is less stressful. Your travel packing now depends on who will join the trip. Some people like to travel with light packs and others like to travel with a full checklist of their belongings. More often, we mostly travel overpacked with unnecessary things, while we travel underpacked. We often forget essential things on the road, like car chargers, wallets, or even food we prepared last night. To avoid these from happening, a simple checklist for your road trip might be your best way to make your trip less stressful and more enjoyable.


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Road Trip Item Checklist Necessities:

Phone, Wallet, and keys

They are often called valuables for many other reasons. Traveling without these is mostly very difficult; therefore, securing these three valuables is very important.

Phone, Wallet, Keys

Travel backpack

Portability is always the best choice when picking one, and to decide what kind of backpack you are going to choose, determine the activity, location, and duration of your trip. Example: Hiking is mostly light and portable and has lots of compartments. When the location involves water, a dry bag is your best choice to keep your valuables safe and dry. Lastly, duration will tell you how much clothing, snacks, and hygiene necessities you need to fit inside your back packs throughout your road trip.

Travel backpack

Charger, Powerbank and Waterproof Phone Case

As we travel, we often document (photograph and video) our travel experiences with our smartphones. Therefore, bringing a charger and powerbank is always important to make it last for the whole day. A waterproof phone case will protect your smartphone whenever bodies of water are present at your destination. Better safe than sorry.

Charger, Powerbank


Wireless Portable Speaker

Sharing a music playlist is always fun on road trips. Whenever you go, you can always play music, sing music, or even dance to it with your friends and family. Just invest in high-quality, waterproof speakers that can go anywhere near beaches, pools, and waterfalls.

Wireless Portable Speaker

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Personal hygiene necessities are inside the bag

Mostly forgotten things in every traveler: shampoo, soap, sunscreen, lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste. Put them all in a toiletry bag. It mostly comes with hooks and can avoid spreading and spills. But if you are checking into a hotel, these items are mostly provided for you. Therefore, if a hotel was not included in your road trip, better secure these items to avoid extra travel expenses.

Personal hygiene

First Aid Kit

These are your quick response kits in case an injury happens on your trip; you never know when it might happen or not. Make sure you have a travel first aid kit that contains bandages, Imodium, antibacterial ointment, paracetamol, and motion sickness tablets. Also, if you have an existing condition, your prescription medicine must always be inside of it.

First Aid Kit

Perk Items: Tent, hammock and light pillow

If your road trip includes camping or a beach, these items are very useful for outdoor activities. In addition, it always gives a relaxing vibe if you can rest under the trees with a hammock, and your outdoor overnight camping is always solved by your tent.

Tent, hammock and light pillow

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Planning a Road Trip?

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