Food to Crave When in Italy

Italy is known  for authentic foods as one of the yummiest dishes in the world. Your eyes can feasts with beautiful Italian Architectures. And your tongue will definitely tastes the heaven with every dish you eat in an Italian cuisine.

As we all know Italian loves food and they keep and maintain their recipe. For generations, the abundance of signature dishes keeps its exquisite taste.

If food is one your reasons why you travel, planning your Italian trip must include food tour itinerary so you won’t miss the Italian authentic taste.

Here are some Italian dishes that you must try.

Pizza Margherita

Naples is known as the birthplace of modern pizza and they also traditionally maintain pizza Margherita with its thin crust and most of family restaurant features their special sauces, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil.


Mainly popular at Venice, it is a traditional Italian dish made from short-grained starchy rice, combined with Seafood and mushroom. There’s also  another recipe in Milan which use yellow colored rice infused with saffron flavors.

Italian dish yellow Risotto Milanese with saffron, zucchini and Parmesan cheese

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Known as flagship product of Italy and gelato is the go-to sweet treats that you can almost found almost everywhere. Gelato bears a unique taste and no resemblance with any commercial products ice cream shelves. The unique taste of gelato is traditionally maintained from old-fashioned natural ingredients and created on-site.

classic Italian gourmet gelato ice cream


Popularly known as stuffed pasta which made by hand and can be found all over Italy. Popular raviolis are the ricotta and spinach. This dish has many regional variations. Mostly  vegetables, fish, meat or even cheese and can go by different mouth watering tastes.

Italian ravioli with spinach and cheese

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An orange big rice balls covered with crunch crust and fried. After that, Arancini inside filling are variations of meat sauce with peas. And sometimes prosciutto and cheese like mozzarella or pecorino. In short, these street food are one of the best go-to food that you can buy mostly anywhere in Italy.

Arancini Sicilian street food

Tortellini en Brodo

Meanwhile, Tortellini hails from the city of Bologna. Its broth ingredients made from fresh pasta filled with cheese, meat, fish, or even vegetables. It is one of the essentials of Italian cuisine.  In the same vein, they always make sure that they are made from highest quality of ingredients.

Tortellini in Brodo, Traditional Dish from Bologna, Italy, Pasta in Broth


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Food to Crave When in Italy

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