Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

Traveling solo or with someone whose also beginner often requires simple planning and preparations. And if you are given an opportunity to travel, you should take it and explore it for yourself. Don’t hesitate, traveling is fun and the experience you make will definitely worth it.

When you travel by yourself, you are more vulnerable. It is always important to ask locals for directions rather than wasting your precious time in finding places that you already missed. Locals knows where the best and interesting restaurants and spots that you can go to in their areas.

Here are some  quick tips that you may find useful when you travel.

You can always start somewhere near you.

Familiarizing your self during travel is not that hard if you start somewhere near you. It is important to consider easier destination because you never know what to expect in place that new to you. New places tend to have different customs that might interests you or not. Always remember to respect and pay attention to culture and tradition to avoid any unexpected problem within your first trip. As much as possible, dress like a local to keep your self away from unlikely looks and tourists scams.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

Pack light with Right Luggage

When packing your things that you wanted to use on your trip are mostly stressful. The first thing to consider is the size of you luggage and the mobility while carrying it. The bigger the luggage the more it becomes a hindrance if your trips includes changing locations. Some people prefers trolley luggage bags or rolling backpacks. Bulky luggage should be avoided not unless you are doing some extreme sports that requires you to bring your gears and equipment.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

“You cannot bring them all”. As I was saying, packing light when you travel is your best choice that you can do for yourself. It will give you the ability to move easily while changing locations and easy access for any kind of transportation. You can always buy nearly everything in places you go locally and sometimes cheaper.  Make a simple checklist for things that you personally need and avoid over-packing.


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Choose a Luxury Hostel

The great way to new meet people while traveling. Hostel provides cheaper lodging and foods for most travelers. It has a more like sociable accommodations for bunk beds, mixed room or even private rooms. And most hostel nowadays offer free Wi-Fi access.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

Be patience and flexible

Delayed schedule is always make you upset when unexpected things happen. It is mostly out of control and always leave you no choice. You should always have plan for delays to avoid getting stuck to terminal or airport. And travel insurance may sometimes not be required but it is a must thing to get when traveling. A medical emergency can suck all your savings in a jiffy if you don’t have travel insurance.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

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Let your family know where you at

Keeping your love ones updated is always the best way to make them less worried about you. Keeping them in touch gives them peace of mind and for yourself. Social media apps are the easiest way to communicate anywhere with a presence of data connection and WiFi. Use Google Maps and download the area where you at and it can works even data connection) . And lastly the Google translate, it could save you from language barrier almost anywhere, and having it is just great wherever your go.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

Photocopy your Documents

Having extra copy of your travel documents is very much handy when we travel. Things may not always good and sometimes we lost it, and by keeping an extra copy might saves you when unexpected things happen. And don’t forget to put your room number and hotel address in your phone.Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

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Simple Traveling Tips for Beginners

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