World’s Expensive Cities to Visit

What should I expect when planning to visit the world’s most expensive cities? This year, three major cities have landed at the top of the cost of living survey: Singapore, Hong Kong, and Paris.  The cost of living in all three cities is said to be 7% higher. It was compared to New York City, Switzerland’s Zurich and Geneva, Japan’s Osaka, Denmark’s Copenhagen and South Korea’s Seoul.

Yes, this world’s expensive cities still attract more tourists while maintaining their most expensive status. These cities are mostly “more than meets the eye,” a catchy phrase to describe them. They consistently maintain their stability and ability to gain tourists visitors despite skyrocketing prices of goods and services. And here are the reasons why:.

Singapore: Theme Park City

1. Amusement and Adventure parks

Singapore is a full-packed city filled with major park attractions, starting with high-velocity thrills and close-up encounters with wild life.

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore


Sentosa Island, Singapore.


Singapore‘s mega theme park on an island is one of the best destinations in Southeast Asia. Its offer has many attractions, starting with the following:

  • The Royal Albatross
  • Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom
  • Sentosa Merlion
  • The Wings of Time
  • Sentosa 4D Adventureland
  • Mega Adventure Park
  • Madame Tussauds Singapore
  • Wave House Sentosa
  • The Skyline Luge & Skyride
  • iFly Singapore
  • Sentosa Nature Discovery
  • Kidzania Singapore
  • AJ Hackett Sentosa
  • Headrock VR

2. Food paradise

Singapore’s traditional past time is eating. The diverse culinary offerings of Singapore range from different cultures. It houses Michelin-starred restaurants, ranging from Japanese fusion dishes at Beni to French cuisine at Odette. The huge Chinatown Complex Food Centre, composed of 260 food stalls, is one of the best food spots to visit while in Singapore.

Chinatown, Singapore

3. Green sanctuaries

Singapore is also known as “The City in a Garden.”. Get amazed with Fort Canning Park at the futuristic beauty of Gardens by the Bay. And fall in love with the Singapore Botanic Gardens—Singapore’s first UNESCO World Heritage site.

Singapore Botanic Gardens, Top View

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Hong Kong, Shopping City

1. Renowned as the Culinary Capital of Asia

Hong Kong‘s local food is all prepared using only fresh ingredients with pleasing appearances and flavors, apart from local food. Hong Kong also caters to authentic cuisine from Korea, India, Thailand, Japan, and a lot more. If you are a food buff, Hong Kong is the best destination for food exploration.

i Square, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

2. Tax-free shopping

Duty-free stores during seasonal sales, and most goods are sold at much cheaper prices than where they were made. From trendy boutiques to traditional stores and luxurious shopping malls, you can find everything. Eventually, starting with best-value products, the latest designer fashion, electronic gadgets, and antiques.

Harbour City mall,shopping Hong Kong

3. Skylines, Harbor Views and Colorful Nightlife

The breath-taking summit of Victoria Peak is one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong. As you capture the beauty of the harbor view and the scenic view of Hong Kongs skylines,. You can also take a night cruise in Victoria Harbor to see the colorful nightlife of Hong Kong.After that, Hong Kong’s restaurants, bars, and places of entertainment offer great food and drinks to enjoy.

Hong Kong city view from peak at Sunrise

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Paris: Museum and Landmark City

As one of the most expensive cities throughout the years, Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. It not only attracts couples, but it also lures people with charm and sophisticated taste. Hence, Paris can be explored without an itinerary because every street can give you exciting surprises and the distinct neighborhoods make it an extraordinary experience.

1. World-famous landmarks

When you see the Eiffel Tower in photos, posters, and souvenirs, without a doubt, Paris is the place that comes to mind. Paris consists of well-known museums and landmarks that you surely must visit.  In addition, queues at these landmarks and museums are really long and booking in advance will solve that.

Tour Eiffel, Parc du Champ-de-Mars, Parigi
  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Arc de Triomphe
  • Notre Dame Cathedral
  • The Louvre
  • The Moulin Rouge
  • The Catacombs
  • Jardin du Luxumburg
  • The Palace of Versailles

2. Delicious Food

The romantic ambiance of Paris brings French and Partisan cuisine to its best. From world-famous chefs and cultural cuisines in Michelin-starred restaurants. You will definitely fall in love with the taste of the food in Paris. The cafés and street stalls are filled with a variety of Chocolat chaud, croissants, crêpes, baguettes, and cheeses. Moreover, French pastries and fabulous desserts should never be missed while in Paris.

Colorful French pastry in Paris, France

3. The Grand Magasins: Lafayette and Printemps

You can find all of the world’s most famous and glamorous designer brands in one place. Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Dior named it. And even if you don’t want to shop. The interior and beautiful dome will sure captivate you as you enjoy the glamorous window display of the shopping building.

Galeries Lafayette, Printemps Haussmann, Boulevard Haussmann

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World’s Expensive Cities to Visit

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