Book your Hotel Reservations only at Hotels.comWhy Langkawi Archipelago is a must Visit Destination

Langkawi Archipelago is a must visit destination for those travelers who seeks nature and vacation. To start, Langkawi is a district with a 99 islands plus 5 when low tide is the Jewel of Kedah in Malaysia‘s west coast. It is one of the UNESCO World Geopark because of its rich wildlife population and declared conservation areas. Langkawi can provide you a breath-taking experience with its ecological wonders. Starting with its top attractions like Sky Bridge to  Rain-forest and expansive Underwater World.  It is a perfect place for people who seeks wildlife, trees, beaches and sunset.

The largest Island within the Archipelago is the Langkawi island itself. It has an excellent snorkeling and diving spots in Pulau Payar Marine park. Most of the popular activities in Langkawi are within its nature beauty itself. Bird watching, Sailing, Mangrove kayaking and jungle trekking are intended for those who seeks adventures. And for those who just likes to walk and laid back are good to stay with beaches, theme parks and  shopping.

These are the top attractions of Langkawi.

Langkawi Skybridge

This 125 meter long curved bridge and 700 meter above sea level will provide you captivating views of surrounding islands of Langkawi. It has stunning top view of Telaja Tujuh Waterfalls and Gunung Mat Cincang.

Langkawi Cable Car

It is a captivating 15-minute ride going to the observatory deck of Mt. Mat Cincang.

Book your Hotel Reservations only at Hotels.comUnderwater World

It houses more than 500 sea creatures like penguins, seals, seahorses and even flamingos. It has a 15-meter walk underwater tunnel that has almost close-up views of sharks, stingrays and giant turtles.

Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls

You can enjoy the 45 minute long climb to the top of waterfalls to pass huge rocks and through seven pools. Along the way, you can spot some wildlife animals like squirrels, macaques and hornbills.

Langkawi Wildlife Park And Bird Paradise

You can find over 150 different species of animals and 2500 exotic birds from all over the world. It is a fully covered wild life park. You can interact with animals and feed them with the feeds that you can buy from the park.

Pulau Payar Marine Park

A perfect spot for snorkeling and diving. It features the colorful Coral Garden. However, exploring the whole park requires permission from authorities.

Langkawi Arts in Paradise 3D Museum

As one of the most popular 3D Art Museum in Malaysia. It features 200 plus impressive 3D artwork and 9 interactive zones.

Taman Lagenda Langkawi

A Beautifully landscape folklore-theme park that you can explore with a buggy cart. It features Langkawi legends and tales about Beautiful princesses, heroic giants, ogres and mythical birds. Good spot for picnics and jogging.

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Why Langkawi Archipelago is a Must Visit Destination

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