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What Maldives has to offer is the question that you can only answer when you book today at Maldives is a tropical island nation and archipelagos that can be found near the earth equator. The marine life and diversity are perfect for beach vacation, water sports and diving. The splendid white sand beaches with turquoise blue sea water and nature’s geographical features are the main reason why Maldives gain its charm to its visiting tourists.

Maldives are world popular from its bungalow-style resorts in Huma Island. Therefore, honeymooners can enjoy the secluded romantic experience in a private island resort. The bungalows over the crystal-clear water with colorful reefs and corals are accessible with the ladder.Travel anywhere. Travel everywhere with Cleartrip

Maldivian Culture

The vibrant, diverse and colorful Maldivian Culture can be watch everywhere. From beach shores and friending a locals is very easy. Maldives cuisine are mostly based on sea foods and coconuts. In addition, they are highly influenced by Sri Lanka and Indian Dishes.

Under sea wildlife safari

A submarine tour offers to those people who wants to stay dry. Certainly, you can explore various underwater formations, shipwrecks and captivates with its marine species. That is to say, snorkeling and diving it is a must try for cheaper option.

Travel anywhere. Travel everywhere with CleartripClubbing under the sea

The six meter Under water nightclub Subsix that can be found in Niyama Private Islands. You can enjoy music, cocktails, dinner and captivate with its theme decors.  However, the Underwater glow Party which held during Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Immersive Yoga and Spa Retreat

Secret Paradise Maldives hosts Yoga and Spa Holiday at Barefoot Eco Hotel on Hanimadhoo Island. For instance, it is a 4-day retreat with complete accommodations, yoga sessions and spa treatments like Hot-Stone massage that won’t disappoint you.Travel anywhere. Travel everywhere with Cleartrip

Over-water Villas

The Anantara Kihavah Maldives is composed of 80-well reviewed luxury villas is a must visit spot. The Sea-Fire-Salt-Sky restaurant chain, Open-Air Sky bar and lounges will surely accommodate the visitors one-of-a-kind experience in a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Surfing paradise

The year round sunshine and monsoon wind us just perfect for every surfer. The perfectly groomed waves from very far storms brings the thrill and in other words, excitement when surfer catch it with their boards.Travel anywhere. Travel everywhere with Cleartrip

Catamaran Sunset Cruise is a must try

Above all, sail away from the beach of Meeru and enjoy the romantic sunset view in a different way. You can enjoy the 60 minutes sail and cruise along the Meeru’s warm waters.

Travel anywhere. Travel everywhere with Cleartrip

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What Maldives Has To Offer

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