Simple Tips to Improve your Travel Photos

When we travel, carrying too many gadgets and luggage is really an annoyance. To avoid this, it is very easy to just carry your smartphone and it will be enough to capture your travel photos. As we notice today, every quarter of the year, smartphone manufacturers are actively releasing updates or a better yet newer version of their phones that will certainly be capable enough to par with bulky DSLR camera features.

To understand how you will improve your photos during travels, I will simplify a few important things and what to do with them.

Familiarize yourself with your smartphone camera.

Learn the proper way to operate and navigate your phone’s camera features. If you have the latest flagship models, they already have capabilities like DSLR cameras. To learn more about them, just search for online tutorials on YouTube. Today, most of the online tutorials will give you full details regarding how to properly operate the features of your camera phones.

Keep your lens clean all the time.

Always bring a microfiber cloth to keep your smartphone camera lens clean. It’s important to remove all small specks of dust and smudges to avoid any reflections or unnecessary marks in your photos.

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Be picky with your subject.

It will not only save your phone’s battery but will also give you time to relax during your travel. If you plan your shots, capturing all the beautiful spots on your vacation will be at its best. In addition, choose before tapping the take picture button.

Detachable lenses.

Detachable lenses like wide-angle lenses are the best when you want to take scenic landscapes like mountain ranges, cliffs and waterfalls. Getting a complete set of detachable lenses are very easy on shopping websites.

No Flash, just use natural lighting

Always take your photo shots only when the natural lights are available for your subjects. A good source of light always makes your raw photo shots beautifully vivid and requires less editing.

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Tripods are your next best friend

Selfie sticks can do good but tripods always do it perfectly. Selfie photos can be awkward, especially if you are alone and no one can hold your phone to give you a better shot of you. Tripods come in different sizes and there are a lot of them made specifically for your mobile phones. All the blurry shots and shaky hands can be avoided if you have tripods.

Less photo editing

The best photos are those with no filter. But if you really want to improve it even more, just don’t overdo it. Keep it minimal as possible.



Low battery are no longer a problem

Owning a pocket power bank is always handy to extend your smartphone’s battery life for the whole day. In addition, a small size with a huge capacity is always the best choice.

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Simple Tips to Improve your Travel Photos

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