Helpful Tips When Traveling With A Laptop

When traveling with a laptop, it is essential to keep the device secure and avoid problems dealing with security and customs. These laptop tips are something you should keep in mind, since you are the first line of defense for your laptop, to save time and prevent aggravation.

Always keep your laptop with you

A laptop should go with you as carry-on baggage on the flight. Don’t store it in the overhead storage area, as someone else could get knocked around. And no, you can’t put it in your other baggage because most handlers aren’t expecting expensive and fragile electronic objects in baggage areas, which means they can mishandle them where your laptop is.

Turn on your laptop

You may be required to turn your laptop on to demonstrate to the security or customs that it is a functioning computer. Save time by turning it on earlier, especially when you anticipate this to happen and leave it in suspend mode. This process where you have to show your laptop for examination is often called hand-checking.


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X-ray and not a metal detector

Letting your laptop go through an x-ray machine will not harm your hard drive or cause damage to the device itself. Metal detectors, on the other hand, can harm your laptop, so it’s ideal to politely request to the security or customs not to use one but to do a hand check instead.


Provide proper documents

When returning to your country of origin,. Be sure that you have the proper customs documentation or original receipts to show that your laptop and other device are something you already own before your trip. This is to prove that you own the equipment and not something you purchased while traveling. Failure to provide proof of ownership may lead you to pay duty and taxes on the items.

Keep a low profile

While waiting for your flight, don’t draw attention to yourself. If you have to use your laptop, pick an area where you will have the privacy you need. When in a crowded area, don’t use your laptop at all and wait until it’s less crowded. If someone asks about your laptop, be brief but polite and pack it in.


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Don’t leave your laptop unattended

If you let it out of sight, your laptop could be gone, even for just a few minutes. So be sure to take your laptop bag with you even if you have to use the airport’s facilities. Not unless you are traveling with someone you know and trust. Keep them reminded not to leave your laptop unattended. While going through screening and you are required to leave it down for any reason, make sure to keep a close view of your laptop no matter what.

Always keep your laptop case secured

Make sure to keep your laptop case secured at all times. To prevent someone from getting through your important documents and other mobile gear. This way, you can prevent someone from putting anything in your laptop case. And then later, take the bag to get the item left inside.

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Helpful Tips When Traveling With A Laptop