The World’s Greatest Places To Visit During Fall

Often enhanced by autumn foliage, fall is a great time to travel and enjoy the stunning scenery. Although it’s not ideal traveling this season for safety issues, it’s still nice to think about a fall vacation. (Hopefully, next year we can) But for those who are wondering which places to visit in the fall, here are a few of the world’s fabulous destinations that you should go to for your next fall vacation.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

If you’re looking for awe-inspiring scenery, an abundance of wildlife, and of course, friendly western hospitality in your fall vacation, Yellowstone is hard to beat. Home to 67 species of mammals, Yellowstone is the closest thing to a safari experience. Often in idyllic weather, you’ll enjoy hiking on the over 1,000 miles of trails, although early snow can occur. Yellowstone National Park Lodges typically offers great fall packages for travelers who want to stay in the park, including lodging, tours, and food.

Scottish Highlands, Scotland

The Highlands is one of the most fabulous destinations in all of Europe for viewing gorgeous autumn colors in a country already known for its breathtaking scenery. The rivers and lochs reflect the array of gold and copper-covered hillsides, and in Perthshire, aka Big Trees Country, and some of the beautiful sceneries can also be found at Knock Hill. By taking the steep, you can enjoy the best views from the summit of the Highlands to the north. Perthshire is also home to the world’s highest hedge, which stands nearly 100 feet tall.

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Transylvania, Romania

There are a few spectacular places in Romania for beautiful fall scenery. Stop in Bucharest first to learn something about the nation’s history. Then visit next to the Palace of Parliaments and the National History Museum that is surprisingly filled with lots of Roman artifacts. Then head-on into the Carpathian Mountains, where you’ll enjoy breathtaking vistas of stunning autumn foliage along with some rather spooky sites like Dracula’s Castle. Just a 56-mile drive is the highest mountain of the Southern Carpathians, Fagaras Mountains, famous for its hairpin curves and jaw-dropping views.

West Virginia, United States

With an extensive array of crimson, cold, and pumpkin shades, West Virginia is home to some of the most picturesque fall colors in the eastern part of the US. Just an hour from Washington, DC., head to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park as they offer a multitude of hiking trails that allows you to see amazing views. Follow the less than one-mile Jefferson Rock hike overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, then sign up for an excursion with River Riders, also in Harpers Ferry for rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, canoeing, or mountain biking.

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Bavaria, Germany

When it comes to seeing a huge number of deciduous trees, Bavaria is the Vermont of Europe, with every turn is like walking into a different Bob Ross painting. Fall is the season for Oktoberfest, wine festivals, and the perfect time for hiking through the Alps and horse-drawn carriage rides. When visiting the roughly 25 historic castles and palaces like Nuremberg Castle, Linderhof Palace, and the Burghausen Castle, you’ll have fewer crowds to deal with too.

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The World’s Greatest Places To Visit During Fall

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