The Top Countries You Can Travel In 2021

With the year 2020 almost over, it is time to start looking ahead to the future. You might be wondering when you will be able to travel again if you have postponed or canceled a trip you were due to take this year. The truth is it is hard to tell yet. But regardless, we will have blue skies eventually. So if you are wondering where to travel to after COVID-19 is over, here are the top countries you can travel to in 2021.


With country borders starting to open up at their speed, now is a time to explore your backyard. If you reside in the US, there are tons of adventures waiting to be had. With locations like Pacific Coast Highway, Joshua Tree National Park, and Arizona, the all-American road trip is ready to make a comeback again.

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New Zealand

Over in the Southern Hemisphere, New Zealand is a perfect escape as it is looking good as ever. If you are an Aussie, then this might be the time to finally visit your neighborhood country. Later in 2021, once the country borders will start to open up for all, New Zealand will hold plenty of appeal for its isolated escapes where crowds are not an issue.


One of the African nations, Botswana, is one of the countries that has been least affected by COVID-19 because of its response to closing borders rapidly as well as enforcing a nationwide lockdown. Countries like Botswana, who have a limited spread of the virus, will be ideal for travelers who are desperate for an escape route but nervous about crossing borders.

South Africa

If you plan to experience a safari, there is only one perfect place to do so, and that is South Africa. With a lot of safari camps that you can choose from across the country, most of the high-end sites are located in nearby Sabi Sands and Kruger National Park. Rent out an entire villa with some of your friends, which makes your safari experience look more enticing than ever.

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If you have long wanted to visit Europe and explore the beaten path. 2021 will be a great time to discover central Europe. Hallstatt and Salzburg are some of the most popular go-to destinations. There were times it was overcrowded by many tourists. Now is the perfect time for enjoying a quiet moment away from all the tourist traffic. After COVID-19, when everything is safe again to travel. That is the best time to discover these once-crowded go-to destinations all to yourself.


In the Greek Islands, Santorini is one of the first tourist spots in Europe to declare reopening to tourists. If you happen to reach Santorini by either through a ferry boat or yacht. This might be an excellent opportunity to experience the once overcrowded island almost entirely to yourself. And in 2020, there will be great deals coming ahead of you. The once expensive holiday in Santorini will suddenly be becoming affordable to you.

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The Top Countries You Can Travel In 2021

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