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India is well known for its culture, beliefs and its people it self. As it stands as the 2nd most populous country in the world next to China. India has many interesting features that will surely captivates your attention when you visit.

1. The Taj Mahal

India - The Taj MahalAs part of the Seven Wonder of the world, Taj Mahal is the most beautiful designed ever constructed tomb in the world. And also serves as an Iconic structure of India.

When you visit Taj Mahal, do not forget to take picture of yourself and partner with it background. Because Taj Mahal is a symbol of true love that is built to remember as the structure stand still.



2. It’s incredibly Cheap Everywhere

It's incredibly Cheap Everywhere in IndiaIndia is one the cheapest country to visit. It is rank as one of top 10th best for price competitiveness. From Hotels, foods, fares and souvenirs, India will definitely not hurt your pocket money while you’re at it.




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3. Delicious Food

India - Delicious FoodIndians takes their food very seriously and that is why food is one of the reason why you should visit India. The diversity of Indian Cuisine are heavily influenced by Persians and Mughai. The creamy curries, mosala dosas and fish curries are the most popular dishes for the tourists to try. Most of the southern Indian dishes are catered in vegetarian because of its spiritual belief of Hindus.




4. Rajastan

India - RajastanThe land of Maharajas is the true jewel crown of India. Visiting Mughal heritage, Agra’s Taj Mahal and Colorful Bazaar of Jaipur are quite possible as it lies with you like a triangle. Within the golden triangle area, never missed to checkout  India’s magnificent forts and palaces within Fortified Opulence.




Book your Hotel Reservations only at Hotels.com5. People and Culture

India - People and CultureIndia is home of more than 500 Tribes with different cultures and traditions that strictly maintained until today. The easiest way to learn their customs and tradition is to join and experience one of the India’s colorful festivals.





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India as a Must Visit Place

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