Best Flight Tracker Websites To Use For Tracking A Flight Online

Flight tracker websites allow you to follow a plane from the moment it departs until it reaches its destination. One of the few reasons why flight tracker websites are helpful is that they let you stay updated with your flight’s schedule, including weather and delays, and update you in real-time where you are in the air. It also helps you trace another person’s flight or view all the air traffic in your area, as well as monitor a specific airport’s congestion. Some flight trackers even allow you to find a parking deal for when you arrive. Check out the best flight tracker websites that can help you stay updated when you are about to travel anywhere in the world.


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One of the best online flight trackers, FlightAware, lets you find a specific flight with its flight number. It also allows you to perform a general search using the origin and destination airport, which is pretty useful if you want to either see all the flights moving in and out of those areas or if you don’t know the flight number.


Photo from flightaware.com

Next on our list is FlightView, a flight tracker that gives you the option of tracking flights by either route or flight number. With the flight number, you can easily find the flight. This flight tracker can search the airports and departure dates to locate the flight number. flightview is perfect if you want to see the departure and arrival airports, airport information, time estimates, as well as local services such as limos.

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A Swiss Army knife of online flight trackers, FlightArrivals isn’t the best website to look at, plus it has more ads than a website needs. However, there are lots of helpful tools you can use to find and track flights. This free flight tracker does not only let you search for commercial flights but also for general flight information. Just make sure to enter the flight number and airline, the general aviation flight’s tail number, and even the date of departure to learn further about the flight.


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FlightStats is another way to track flights online from all around the globe. In addition to flight information, this tracker offers customized map overlays, airport delay maps, and weather conditions for the airports. You can pull up a random flight or even track specific flights in real-time. Unfortunately, this flight tracker does not provide departure and arrival information, flight alerts, or historical searches; it is only available if you pay for them.


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FlightRadar24 isn’t just a fascinating website, but it also allows you to watch live air traffic on a map. Plus, it lets you select any of the aircraft icons for updated information, including the aircraft type, scheduled and actual departure and arrival times, and altitude.

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Google’s Flight Tracker

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Google Flight Trackers allows you to track a flight using the flight number and airline of the flight. Just enter the information needed into Google, and you will get a quick update of the flight status, where the flight came from, where its destination is, when it arrives, as well as terminal and gate information.

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Best Flight Tracker Websites To Use For Tracking A Flight Online

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