Book your Flights and Hotels  only at ExpediaBangkok is Great and Cheap to Visit

Bangkok is a great and cheap visit, it is a best destinations for solo travelers and back packers. And speaking of flights, hotels and where to book your reservation, Expedia has a lot of selections to offer and deals. There are a lot of things to do and to see in Bangkok that will surely make it worth to visit. Bangkok is a good starting city if you plan to explore Thailand. It is a busy and lively city and yet very open for tourists.

From street foods and fine dining, the rich culture of Thailand lives in every corner of Bangkok. Just like any other cities in the world, Bangkok never goes to sleep and you can always find something to do anywhere in the city.Book your Flights and Hotels  only at Expedia

Here are some things that you can do around Bangkok.

Do the street food tour

Food lovers will definitely never get disappointed, the tour is mix of sightseeing with a lots of eating in every stop. Culture is strongly tied to their food and these street foods are delicious and and extremely budget friendly. For instance, the food tour goes around the Chinatown and stops at the best rated stalls.

Do the street food tour


Book your Flights and Hotels  only at ExpediaNightlife In Bangkok

Bars and Nightclubs are pretty much common in Bangkok.  Consequently, there are some night tours offered for tourists that will take you to the best night hangouts in Bangkok.

Nightlife In Bangkok

Floating Market

Even though it is far from the Center of Bangkok, Khlong Lat Mayon Floating market is a good place to buy some fruits and souvenirs.

Floating Market

Book your Flights and Hotels  only at ExpediaThe Grand Palace

Grand Palace is the most popular attraction in Bangkok and you must not miss it. It is a 214,00 square meter and can take many hours to complete the tours inside of it. However, It is advisable to start early to avoid big tour groups. Just be wary on scams, simple ignore anyone who tells you that the palace is closed. And take note the dress code upon your visit.

The Grand Palace

Visit the Chatuchak Market

When shopping is in your blood, better not miss this amazing market place. Although it is open during Saturday and Sundays, it attracts almost  200,000 visitors and you can find everything you could imagine and priced locally. Just carry a map for your self so that you wont get lost with these 27 acres of market area.

Visit the Chatuchak Market

Book your Flights and Hotels  only at ExpediaBoat Ride in Chao Phraya River

Known as the lifeblood of Bangkok because it is connected to all little canals of the city. The river boat ride is amazingly great views of Bangkok’s High Rise Condominium and fancy hotels. Most importantly, You can freely get on and off at any stops of the ferries because the fare is incredibly cheap.

Boat Ride in Chao Phraya River


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Bangkok is Great and Cheap to Visit

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