Backpacking Items You Don’t Need

Just like traveling, packing is also a learning experience. For beginners, you always want to cover all your bases with the items you think you need, but for experienced travelers and packers, they know that you’re hauling more than you need. Here is a quick list of backpacking items you don’t need to help you pack light.

Jewelry and Valuables

Not only are theyn’t necessary, but carrying them around you is risky, which is better if you leave them home. Plus, flashy items, such as expensive diamond rings, necklaces, earrings, or Rolex watches, can attract thieves too.

Heavy Zoom Lenses

Unless you’re a professional photographer who’s doing safari or wildlife photography, then you can! But if you’re not, then you won’t need those 200-300mm zoom lenses with you. Most of the time, you will only be using either your phone or your regular DSLR lens or camera for convenience and speed, so leave those unnecessary lenses if you aim for pack-light backpacking.

Extra Toiletries

Given that you won’t be away for an extended period of time, you don’t need to pack extra toiletries. Keep in mind that when traveling, you should simplify your beauty essentials.


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Too Many Cottony Clothes

Cotton clothes are fluffy stuff, which means they take more space and time to dry when wet. Instead of cottony fabrics, try with a higher percentage of polyester or other synthetics, as they take up less space and dry quicker than cotton. For winter, pack thin layers rather than heavy ones.

More Than One Pair of Jeans

Jeans aren’t just heavy, but they also take up a lot of space and take forever to dry. When backpacking, you can opt for one pair of jeans as they can last days without washing and don’t make you look like a tourist.

Nice Shoes

Unless you have a party to attend, it’s not wise to carry your latest pair of shoes with you. Instead, opt for day-to-day sneakers or casual shoes. Be sure that they are decent enough to fit with your outfit and comfortable enough to allow you to walk for miles.

Hiking Boots

Unless you’re hiking for days on rugged terrain, hiking boots play no insignificant part on your packing list. They also take up so much space.  Opt for a pair of running shoes instead, as it still deliver the same comfort without taking up so much space.

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Heavy Jackets

Unless it’s freezing where you’re going, don’t pack heavy jackets; instead, play with layers. It is the key to keeping your pack light while providing the necessary thermal conditions for different temperature ranges.

Bulky Towels

Carrying a full towel takes a lot of space and takes forever to dry. Instead, use a small swimmers towel or a microfiber travel towel as they don’t take much space and work well as the regular ones.

A Pillow

When camping, you don’t need to bring a pillow. You can bundle some of your clothes and have them as your pillow. It might not be as fluffy as your pillow, but it still does the job.

Extra Gadgets

The last but not the least to remember backpacking items you don’t need is the extra gadgets. Unless they are needed for work or other essentials, it’s best to leave behind all the unnecessary electronics. Besides, each gadget has its cable, charger, and other extras that can clutter your backpack.

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Backpacking Items You Don’t Need

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